Prayer Concerns /Joys

02-26-2021: Jett Anthony Mason born Feb 8 8lbs 15oz 21 3/4" long to Alex and Hannah Mason in Oskaloosa grandparents Tony and Joyce Ware.

02-26-2021: Haylee Ann Bickford born Jan 26 6lbs 8oz 19 1/2" long to Ryan and kristen Bickford in Winter Park FL grandparents Jon and Linda Bickford.

02-21-2021: Sandy Andersen Diane Wakelin's aunt health challenges.

01-10-2021: Ronnie Thompson recent knee surgery.

01-10-2021: Arlene Drennan Battle with cancer surgery and chemo to follow later this month.

01-10-2021: Tristin Spangler-Dunning 

01-03-2021: Marilyn Davis 

05-26-2020:  Gary Moore - health issues 

8-1-2020:  Mark Songer  Who had recent kidney transplant surgery.  Mark is Via Babcock's grandson.

03-30-2020: Billie Sandegren Lynne Sandegren's mother...she continues with rehabilitation at West Haven Nursing Home in Boone Iowa and hoping to go home soon.

3-29-2020: Bev Blackwell                 (Ryan Bickford's mother-in-law)       

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02-26-2021: Bonnie Stookesberry