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10-03-2020: Family of   Veldon King  Services were today (10-03-20)

9-03-2020:  Cathy Tullis  Underwent heart surgery  (09-03-2020) She got home this last week.

9-17-2020:  Rachel Jones  To undergo minor surgery this week

9-03-2020: Shirley Widger's daughter - Marsha Hooten was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a couple weeks ago. MRI showed it is worse then they thought. Started chemo yesterday. They are going to do a biopsy of her lymph nodes. Also have ordered tests for lungs and liver plus bone scan

9-01-2020: Marilyn Davis is recovering from knee surgery.  Progressing well.

8-23-2020: -  Ashlyn Ware – she is being treated for Lyme disease and for some misaligned vertebra in her neck.  Medicine seems to be working on the Lyme disease( hopefully we caught out early enough)

8-21-2020: 2 prominent members of DSCC who choose to remain private with details need our prayer as they face difficult physical medical conditions. 

8-23-2020: Jeff Strunk who recently underwent surgery. 

                   Progressing well 

8-23-2020:  Ronnie & Joyce Thompson family –

-  covid has struck their family with a couple members testing positive.  They are in quarantine now.    Also, 2 brother-in-laws died in the last 12 days, one who fell and broke his hip- and didn't make it through surgery.  The other lived at Good Sams and contracted COVID virus and passed away in Des Moines 2 weeks later

8-23-2020:  Lois Nelson  Recent stay in hospital is now home after battling with several infections.  Has home Health Care tending to her

8-1-2020:  Mark Songer  Who had recent kidney transplant surgery.  Mark is Via Babcock's grandson.

05-26-2020:  Gary Moore - health issues 

03-30-2020: Billie Sandegren Lynne Sandegren's mother...she continues with rehabilitation at West Haven Nursing Home in Boone Iowa and hoping to go home soon.

3-29-2020: Judy Cox                              (Rosemary Riley's daughter) 

                  Ray Riley & wife Ann          (Rosemary Riley's daughter) 

3-29-2020: Bev Blackwell                 (Ryan Bickford's mother-in-law)       

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Due to HIPA regulations, details are limited. Specific families may be contacted on any concerns 

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