Prayer Concerns /Joys

  • Chrissy Wakelin - recent hernia surgery

  • Jean Mathias - Back Pain

  • Joyce Ware's great niece -  Ellie Sue Slaney - Not yet 1 yr old.  Cancerous tumor on her spine they are trying to shrink with chemo theapy.  She was born 31st of December.  Bobbie and Thomas Slaney.  25 year old couple.  They live around Marshall town

  • Nolan Miller, father of Marion Shephard 

  • Several struck with COVID-19 in our church

Micronesian Chuukese new church start : DSCC has a new partnership with the Micronesian Chuukese new church that meets Sundays at 1pm in our sanctuary.  Please keep this new ministry in your prayers as they grow and develop their ministry

Those effected by COVID-19 

Ongoing Concerns

Smitty (Darrel) & Geraldine Smith : 

Bonnie Stookesberry - recently fell and is at Vista Wood's Care facility in Ottumwa 

Gary Moore - ongoing health issues 

Prayers for those involved in the Ukraine War conflict

If you would like to submit a prayer request do so here

Due to HIPA regulations, details are limited. Specific families may be contacted on any concerns