Prayer Concerns /Joys

09-05-2021:  Vi Babcock    

09-05-2021:  Alice Nichols   Alice has lost what little vision she had.  She's in a lot of pain and has to make difficult decisions about how and where she is going to live.  Please pray for her  

09-05-2021:  Family of Beverly Blackwell (Ryan Bickford's Mother-in-Law.  Beverly lost her battle with cancer this past week as she passed away  

08-27-2021:  Richard Davis.  Richard had some medical complications and was in the hospital for a day or so.  Please keep him in your prayers.  He's home now. 

07-14-2021:  New Baby born - Nolan Gary Hagedon born 6:45am July 14th  to Jordan and Sierra Hagedon - 7 lb 6.5 oz - 21"long born.  Grandparents Gary and Brenda Hagedon, Great-Grandparents Richard & Marilyn Davis

07-22-2021: Cortie Rolison -UPDATE - Cortie is still at Vista Woods.  He was due to have stitches taken out of his shoulder this past week but this was delayed due to fluid buildup.  He will need to have a drain tube surgically implanted soon.  Othewise he is in a good state of mind but still can't walk very far.  Can bend the arm at the elbow. Visits are limited to 2 people twice a week due to COVID.  He is smiling and talking but in a wheel chair.  He welcomes calls.  If you are willing to give him a call to encourage him please contact Pastor Jim for his phone number.  Donna (his wife) would welcome calls too. 

07-11-2021prayers for Abby Johnson and Phil Archer (Abby's Uncle) relatives to Roberta Archer. They collided on the Troy road east of Bloomfield.  Abby was 8 months pregenant and lost the baby.  She broke both of her femars in her legs with multiple internal injuries.   Phil sustained head injuries.  Both are in the hospitals in Des Moines & Iowa City.

07-11-2021prayers Family of Dennis Archer who passed away and services were yesterday.  Please keep Roberta and her family in prayers

6-13-2021: -  Nancy Mincks (daughter-in-law to Dean and Pat Mincks)– Nancy fell at lake Rathbun while climbing out of a boat.  Broke her leg below the knee in multiple places.  She is at Mercy in Des Moines with a severe leg injury to large bone and bone below knee. Surgery on Thursday Jun 17th.  6-17-2021 UPDATE : Nancy is recovering at home.  Much pain.

06-17-2021: Smitty (Darrel) & Geraldine Smith : They were staying at a care facility but are back home now.  Pastor visited them Friday, June 18th in their home.  They'd love to have people visit them from the church.  Call Rev. Wakelin if you're interested in visiting and he can tell you the best approach to take.

      Tristin  Spangler - Dunning 
      Update : Tristan Update: Chemo Treatment is complete. He is now taking his normal 4 hour post treatment nap.

01-10-2021: Arlene Drennan (friend of Jim & Diane Wakelin) 
Battle with cancer surgery and chemo to follow later this month.

Ongoing Concerns

Bonnie Stookesberry 

Gary Moore - ongoing health issues 

Billie Sandegren Lynne Sandegren's mother
     at West Haven Nursing Home, Boone Iowa.

Marion Shephard - ongoing health issues 

Those effected by COVID-19 

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