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Renewal leave day:1 - What Are Your Tools?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Renewal Leave Day ONE - 7:10pm

Tool Time -

I am a collector of tools. More so now that I've taken up woodworking but I have tools of all types: automotive, woodworking, plumbing, electrical, carpentry and those we see here - devotional tools. They include : a bible, the center light colored binding that I was given at General Assembly a few years back. It's just a journal to write in, and the blue book - found here . If you click on it you will be taken to a new window that opens up an Amazon link for a complete description. (I bought it here but used at a fraction of the $20 asking price.) It's entitled "A Guide To Prayer" and it's more of system than a how to book. These are the tools I turn to in the morning when I have my devotional time. I'd like to say I'm doing this daily but then life happens and if I don't get up early enough the distractions set in.

Part of the suggested activity is a daily reflection either written or in silent thought. I prefer written as the Spirit flows more freely in leading me on. I want to share with you today's jottings.

Here is my meanderings on this poem by George Herbert...

LOVE BADE ME WELCOME speaks of one who struggles with guilt and short comings in the presence of "Love", whose undonditional acceptance is hard for him to accept. Focused on self (a short sightedness that clouds our vision of who we are in "Love's" eyes), dust, and sin become the blockade for him. But, it is perfect love that sees and knows all as this love still lovingly and unconditionally accepts even when one sees clearly the dark errs of one's soul. Love asks during the struggle, "Who bore the Blame?" What is not mentioned speaks clearer and more loudly than what is said - "My dear, then I will serve."

The vision of grace that is seen purely here leads to a willingness to serve. One would have thought it leads to a willingness to obey! But, therein lies the flaw! If we seek to obey we are sedtined to fall because we are not perfect. We were not created perfect but we were perfectly created, which is to say God in God's perfection created each of us perfectly to be who we are at this moment. To obey perfectly is our aim but we realize we are human and never will attain this state this until we cross over into eternity.

We must be careful not to cease from striving to obey because if we ever stop striving then we truly do fall into death. Grace picks us up when we struggle and fall but one time, in one place. That one time? : the next time! ... that one place : where we are right now, this instant for Christ in calling us to follow, always meets us right where we are. When grace extends the hand, ours is a calling to grasp that hand and let grace do all the rest of the work.

Theological work out

There you have it. Well done! You've finished your theological workout. Hopefully the deep end of this pool didn't leave you drowning! But if it did don't shy away, read it again and again and in so doing your "meditating." .... "OOOHHHMMMM

Enough for today. Take a deep breath

First night camping on Boundary Water in 2010

See you on the journey my friends - PJ.

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