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Renewal leave day - ONE - Here's Your Sign

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Renewal Leave Day ONE - 7:35pm

Here's Your Sign -

My sign today came from my morning devotional from D365 (my favorite devotional site because you can listen to the provided music which underlines the sense of devotion). I found myself being swooped up into God's arms as I began my day with today's devotional which really hit the nail on the head.

With this being my first day of the renewal leave here is what the "pause" message was...

It was like it was written just for us (Davis Street and me). We are both preparing for the journey ahead. Notice the count down timer I inserted at the top? Not that we're counting down the days until my return but how nice it would be if Jesus had one of these for his return eh? All joking aside, read this PAUSE again. Let it speak to you as it did me.


Anyone who has hiked for multiple days knows how precious weight is. I average about 35 lbs of weight when I hike in my pack. The last time we went we met two guys who weighed in packs over 60 lbs each. They were having a trail yard sale as they were begging people to take stuff so they could lighten their load (they were thru hikers) intent on hiking from Georgia to Maine in one 3 month trek. Thankfully I don't have to worry about the physical weight. But what about the spiritual baggage we all carry around with us? We'll get to that in a minute.

About my list! Oh my, I've got a big list. I have my traveling library of like 50 books to pull from for reading on my journey. I've got my clothes, my hobby and fun stuff (bike, hiking gear, golf clubs, swim suit, (yes part of my journey will be where we can actually wear swim suits and be comfortable). Then I've got my devotional materials - a tool box of bible, devotions, prayer journal, renewal journal, and camera to record the adventures along the way. I'll be keeping a spiritual eye out for how can I apply my experience with the spiritual side of my adventure.

Speaking of such, back to the spiritual baggage. I'm bringing a lot with me on this RL (renewal leave). Some stuff I hope to dump along the way. One of those being to shed all the negative junk that sticks to us naturally when we follow current events and affairs in this world whether its the drama of our home life that screams in our ear or the soap opera in the political arena that seeks to suck us in and steal our joy and peace. My prayer is that God will give me a good spiritual cleaning that leaves me shining on the inside and outside. It will take some scrubbing that being time in devotion and prayer, but our God is faithful and will perfect the gift within each of us if we but give God the chance.


Well that's up to God. I have a plan but if the pandemic has taught me anything it's that no plan goes untouched. So while I have all these agenda things planned out I also fully realize that it can all change in a heartbeat. So, I leave it in God's hand as to where this journey will lead. I have my map in hand to navigate me (scripture and prayer). what more do I need? Oh yea! I do have my GPS in my trusty iPhone that I can turn to as a last resort. LoL.


Many have asked if Diane is going with me. Well the answer is yes.... and no. She will join me for part of my journeys but there will be other parts where I will go solo mono a mono Ône on One with God. The question I leave with you today is

"Will you join me?"

While I'm away your renewal pastor - Terry Wise will challenge you to follow him on a journey. My prayer is that you will take him up on it. That you will join in and follow his lead as he follow's God's. I can assure you it will be a journey you won't regret. By doing so you too will find renewal to creep in or maybe gush in as you go. Either way when we get back together on the back side of this journey we'll have lots to talk about. One thing we can know and trust for sure... as the D365 saying goes...

First night camping on Boundary Water in 2010
On Boundary Water 2010


See you on the journey my friends - PJ.

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