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Renewal leave day:10 - Hike To Wind Cave

Renewal Leave Day:10 - 4:30PM (MST)

Rocks, Rocks, and more Rocks

"...I took the road less traveled that made all the difference..." Today we did just that as we treked the Wind Cave Trail in Usery Mountain Regional Park locate in the North Eastern Pheonix area. What a wonderful hike! Challenging as it often left me breathless. With a posted distance of 1.6 miles one way. We logged 3.5 miles in all, with an increase in elevation of 784 ft. The trail was rated difficult as we stepped from rock to rock side stepping those who we met on the road. We had to be careful with every step lest we slip and dash our leg on the rocks or worse.

According to the arms found on this big guy (25ft tall +/-) he is at least 150 years old. One of the many wonders we encountered on our way up to Wind Cave.

I've heard tell that a pastor must be an expert at knowing when and how to give hugs. I've hugged many a cactus in my days and often got pricked by them.

Can we spell

"soshell destancing..."

Believe or not going up is easier than coming down, in hiking and in life. On the ascent you're excited, full of energy, challenged as your blood pumps through your veins.

On the descent you have to be careful where you step. At any moment your momentum could you carry you into a fall. Your knees hurt, Your balance is trickier to control. Your foot fall is with a heavy "thud." You're more tired and can even wonder if you're going to get there.

In life the same can be said. The ascent is exciting as you chart your path to the top of life pursuing your dreams and goals. But as you crest and find yourself entering the descent it can be a real pit fall. As you get older you find you can't do things as well as you use to. Your tired. Your knees hurt, you balances isn't a sure. All you want to do is rest.

When we reached the top we were welcomed by a choir of chipmunks at least 15. All of who showed us this wasn't their first rodeo. When we broke out our granola bars the crumple of the wrapper being taken off the bar was like calling the cows in to be milked. The chipmunks came out from behind the rocks and in the cracks as they lined up just waiting for us to drop a crumb or two. They knew who buttered their bread.

All in all it was such a great outing. Tonight I'll sleep well knowing that all is right in heaven and nothing we face here on earth has to be faced alone. Jesus walks with us every step of the way!

First night camping on Boundary Water in 2010

Love, in Christ - your pastor, brother, and friend.

See you on the journey my friends - PJ.

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