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Renewal day: 19 - There's No Place Like home

Renewal Leave Day: 19: Friday, M

ar 5th

There's No Place Like Home

As a kid we use to vacation every summer to western Canada where my mom's mom, Grandma Kamp lived in Calgary. Some of our greatest memories are from camping when we'd go for close to a month.

While we loved going there was nothing like that final stretch of a 2000 mile auto tour when we'd see our home town in the distance. My sister Brenda, 4 years older than me, and I would sing a sing-songy jingle... "I see ____ insert hometown here___? And repeat it several times. My was it good to get home.

Still relish that feeling as we traveled 3675 miles on our adventure to Arizona and back. That includes the meanderings siteseeing there as well. They say the meaning is in the journey and not the destination. To that I'd have to agree. Lot's of memories along the way.

One day soon our journey called life with all it's meanderings will come to an end as well. We will reach our destination and find ourselves home at last. Heaven will be a grand home indeed for there is no place like HOME. But I must say, in the journey is found the meaning for sure.

Here are some of our pics of our return home taken at the Petrified Forest National Park in New Mexico


My latest God ponderings is God as love. This is perhaps as central as it can get to the Gospel message. I've been holding this attribute of God up against others like God's holiness, God's justice, God's vengence, God's jealousy, etc. So far supreme to all this is God's love and grace. More about that later. But as you continue your lenten journey, I challenge us all to think upon God's love, what Jesus said about it, how we are to live it.

Until next time!

Love, in Christ - your pastor, brother, and friend.

See you on the journey my friends - PJ.

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