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Renewal day: 11-12 - Desert Adventures Hidden in the Cleft of The Rock

Renewal Leave Day: 11-12:

Rocks, Rocks, and more Rocks

"...He Hideth My Soul In The Cleft of the Rock..." We just returned from a 2 day outing to the Canyon. On this excursion we visited the cliff dwelling ruins and the great Grand Canyon.

And here you have our hotel accomodations. Kinda rustic but one could get use to it. I thought this would be a fitting environment to retreat and deeper with God. Just wish they had an elevator. LoL. No, seriously, here we find the Montezuma Castle National Monument located in Camp Verde, Az. It was on our way to the Grand Canyon National Park.

Montezuma Castle was the first permanently settled around 700-900 CE (common Era otherwise known as "A.D.") by those who resembled the Hohokam Indians. They were farmers who grew corn, beans, squash, and cotton.


From Camp Verde we traveled north for a little shopping in Sedona then on to Flagstaff where we spent the night resting up for our 90 minute trip to the Grand Canyon the following morning.

It began as a chilly and breezy morning but that was quickly forgotten in the wonderment and beauty of the canyon. Here Diane and I are enjoying the view from the southern rim (southern edge) of the canyon. Below is a panoramic view. It was breathtaking for sure. God's creative power at it's best.

Sometimes words fall so short and Pictures don't do the justice to the awesomeness around. This was such a day! At times I felt so overwhelmed with a sense of the presence of God that my heart fluttered as my only response could be tears during the solitary fleeting moments standing on the rim, overlooking the mass grandure before me.

'What is man? That thou art mindful of him?" Ps 8:4

Hermit's Rest is along the southern rim of the Grand Canyon at the end of our hike along the rim. This was close to the end of the day and I found the title to be fitting.

Picturesque from any vantage point the Grand Canyon has been the highlight of our tour so far.


Well maybe just one more photo for fun...

There were adventures at every turn... even in the shops. lol!

First night camping on Boundary Water in 2010

Tonight I feel a bit smaller as my world view expands as God reveals how how tremendously infinite God's creative power can be. We are so blessed to be known, loved, and blessed by God!

Love, in Christ - your pastor, brother, and friend.

See you on the journey my friends - PJ.

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