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Renewal Day:82 - Catching Up

Well it's been too long since my last blog. My computer crashed several weeks ago and I have not been able to post. Finally ended up buying a new computer so it's good to be back up and running again. A lot has happened since my last blog. God has taken me deeper physically, spiritually, and mentally than I ever dreamed possible. I find myself anxious to get back in the saddle again while at the same time lament some of the things I have not been able to do.

I took two trips to florida. One with a friend on a bucketlist trip and one with Diane. Here is my nephew Paul's pool in Ocala Florida. While the water was too cold for us to take a dip it didn't stop the kids.

We enjoyed a great visit with lots of laughter as I was introduced to Tomahawk, a 3 lb steak on the end of a jumbo rib bone. Paul's a master at the BBQ. Here we're having a bit of fun. Paul is in the background. Everyone says we look alike.

We also spent some time with my brother in Oveida Florida. He still struggle physically but is better than I've seen him in a long time.

Since we've come back I have a few more outings planned: Golfing around the area, taking in a Major League game, and a short fishing outing to South Dakota. Most of you know I usually go to Canada at the end of May but Covid still has restrictions that are prohibiting that.

God is Good and has me spiritually that has shifted the foundation of my faith, I think for the better as God has shown me thing and continues to walk with me, be gracious to me, and filled me with a new type of awe the likes of which have not been this fresh for a long time.

Blessings my friends... you are in my prayers

In less than a month I'll be back and looking forward to seeing everyone again and catching up with all of you. With Covid and all, it's been too long. Until next time!

Love, in Christ - your pastor, brother, and friend.

See you on the journey my friends - PJ.

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