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Renewal Day:41 - Smokie Mountain Links

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

On Tuesday we arrived in Fleetwood North Carolina at the remote cabin site my sister, Brenda calls home. Nestled in the Smokie Mountains, this get away is quiet, peaceful, yet often damp and "smoky" with clouds as you can see here. We've spent the last few days resting, relaxing and catching up with family news.

Here's Brenda's significant other, Allen in his favorite spot at the fire hearth located on their back porch. Millie, Brenda's Yorkie is here as well. Much of our time is spend around this hearth sharing stories and laughter as the constant rush of the creek serves as a background that makes it sound like a constant rain, even on the sunny days.


Charley is always up for a walk, which up here is more of a hike than a walk around the block. Very little flatland and a whole lot of up and downs.


My first round of golf came with a few surprises. -A 230 yard 2nd shot with my new 3-wood that actually stuck on the green. And pictured here were the ladies I was assigned to golf with. (I guess this qualifies as the "through Other's" part of my renewal leave theme eh?.. Lynn, Vicky, and Tashina. Allen won't let me forget this outing ( Wonder if Diane will?? LoL). Come to find out Vicky in the lighter color was born and raised in the Christian Church (DOC). She was so excited about that.

Lynn, on the left was the coach of the group as she recently had surgery and wasn't actually golfing but riding along with as she' had to take her share of chips and putts along the way. Tashina only played 9 holes and was a beginner. Lot's of fun especially on #16 when we stopped to hob nob with walkers out with their dogs. Vicky, an insurance agent knew everyone she saw. This hole took 45 minutes to finish. Fun time had by all. Oh and I was able to shave about 10 strokes off my normal game as well. I won't talk about the hole where I got my money's worth.

God continues to speak to me at a deeper level as my readings and devotional times are fewer and further between than I had thought they would be but God is good and patient and gracious and is speaking in so many ways. This morning we enjoyed breakfast, family style at Daniel Boone Inn as we found these sayings above the thresholds. I leave you with these thoughts. Blessings my friends... you are in my prayers

Until next time!

Love, in Christ - your pastor, brother, and friend.

See you on the journey my friends - PJ.

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