Past Prayer Concerns

6-13-2021: -  Nancy Mincks – Nancy fell at lake Rathbun while climbing out of a boat.  Broke her leg below the knee in multiple places.  She is at Mercy in Des Moines with a severe leg injury to large bone and bone below knee. Surgery on Thursday Jun 17th.

6-17-2021: Nancy is out of surgery, dr said it went well
Have no idea how many screws,/ plates it took to put back together,but she is out and that is good Nancy send thank you for prayers

06-22-2021: New Baby born - Maverick Dean Selix -born: June 21-2021 to Taylor and Emily Selix and brother Tucker sisters Kharley & Khinley- Grand parents Todd @ Angie Fiscella, Great Grand parents Bob and Dorothy Throckmorton. He came into this world weighing 7lbs 5oz and 20 " long.  He's a keeper!

8-23-2020: -  Ashlyn Ware – she is being treated for Lyme disease and for some misaligned vertebra in her neck.  Medicine seems to be working on the Lyme disease( hopefully we caught out early enough)

10-03-2020: Family of   Veldon King  Services were today (10-03-20)

9-03-2020: Shirley Widger's daughter - Marsha Hooten was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a couple weeks ago. MRI showed it is worse then they thought. Started chemo yesterday. They are going to do a biopsy of her lymph nodes. Also have ordered tests for lungs and liver plus bone scan

02-26-2021: Jeff Anthony Mason born Feb 8 8lbs 15oz 21 3/4" long to Alex and Hannah Mason in Oskaloosa grandparents Tony and Joyce Ware.

4-11-2020: Marian Shepherd  as she lost her cousin,
                                                Stanley who died this last week   

04-07-2020:  Michael Welch - (Friend of the Orman Family) :                                          health-related, but not due to Covid-19

3-29-2020: Judy Cox                              (Rosemary Riley's daughter) 

                  Ray Riley & wife Ann          (Rosemary Riley's daughter) 

3-29-2020: Bev Blackwell                 (Ryan Bickford's mother-in-law)       

02-26-2021: Haylee Ann Bickford born Jan 26 6lbs 8oz 19 1/2" long to Ryan and kristen Bickford in Winter Park FL grandparents Jon and Linda Bickford.

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